John Deere Hydraulic Oil TY27366

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John Deere Hydrau Premium Construction and Forestry Hydraulic Oil TY27366

This is a 2.5 gallon jug of this oil.  Hydrau is specifically designed for use in the hydraulic and hydrostatic systems of construction and forestry equipment.
Hydrau premium hydraulic oil was recently introduced to meet the stringent performance requirements of John Deere construction and forestry equipment hydraulic systems. Hydrau uses a mineral oil base stock. This fluid is available as factory fill and can provide all-season performance in either extreme high- or low-ambient temperatures. From arctic to sustained high-heat conditions, Hydrau maintains exceptional resistance to thermal and mechanical shear-induced viscosity loss, while providing the low-temperature pumpability and flow characteristics essential for satisfactory system startup.
The very effective anti-wear additive technology used in Hydrau provides necessary protection against wear and scuffing in gear, piston, and vane pumps even in severe-service, high-pressure applications. Due to the additional exposure to moisture and contaminants found in construction and forestry operating environments, Hydrau provides enhanced demulsibility performance, increased oxidation stability, increased productivity, reduced operating cost, and extended change intervals. Exceptional anti-foam performance contributes to predictable hydraulic system performance throughout the useful life of the fluid.
When stored properly in the original sealed containers, the recommended shelf life for Hydrau is three years.
Hydrau is specifically designed for use in the hydraulic and hydrostatic systems of construction and forestry equipment. This fluids exceed the highest industry performance standards, ISO 11158, category HV. For John Deere and Hitachi excavators, a system flush of factory-fill zinc-free Hitachi fluid is required before use of any hydraulic fluid containing zinc anti-wear additive.
This product is not for use in mechanical transmissions, axles, or multi-function systems featuring gears, clutches, or wet brakes.
  • Excellent cold-temperature-flow characteristics.
  • Exceptional shear stability under severe operating conditions.
  • Superior high-temperature viscosity.
  • Superior oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Exceptional anti-wear performance over the life of the fluid.
  • Excellent anti-foam and air-release properties.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Enhanced filtration efficiency.

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