John Deere Break-In Plus Oil 10W30 TY26661

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John Deere Break-In Plus Special-Purpose Engine Oil TY26661

Break-In Plus is a special-purpose engine oil developed to be used in rebuilt or re-manufactured engines and new John Deere engines during the initial break-in period.
This oil is formulated to provide a controlled environment for piston rings and cylinder liners to establish a good mating surface for maximum performance and long engine life. At the same time, Break-In Plus provides the necessary wear protection for the valve train and gears.
Break-In Plus is designed to be used in rebuilt or remanufactured engines and new John Deere engines for the initial oil-service interval. operate the engine under various conditions, particularly heavy loads with minimal idling, to help seat engine components properly.
Break-In Plus delivers performance and protection for an initial service interval equal to that of the premium Plus-50 II. During the initial operation of a new or remanufactured engine with Break-In Plus, change the oil and filter between the minimum of 100 hours and a maximum of up to 500 hours. The 100-hour minimum applies to all new or remanufactured engines, regardless of tier rating. The maximum service interval is the same as the service-interval recommendation for Plus-50 II up to 500 hours. Check your Operator’s Manual for the maximum interval recommendation.
Features and benefits:
  • Piston rings and liners establish a good wear pattern for maximum performance and extended engine life
  • Break-In Plus provides two major differences from traditional break-in oil
    • Meets the oil requirements for Tier 4 engines and supports all legacy engines
    • Service drain interval up to 500 hours
  • John Deere Break-In Plus Engine Oil can be used for all John Deere diesel engines at all emission-certification levels.
  • Gallon or 5 gallon pail


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California Use Warning:
Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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