John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower Maintenance Guide & Parts List

Common sense goes a long ways when maintaining your machine. If you have extreme heat, dust, or terrain that you operate in you, service frequency will need to increase.

Service Schedule Parts for a John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower & Parts List

While your John Deere machine is certainly built with quality parts, they have a limited life. Good news is you can easily service your machine yourself using a John Deere maintenance kit or service kits or by getting the specific John Deere part needed to keep your John Deere mower or tractor running for a long time. These are the parts on your John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower & Parts List that need to be regularly serviced.

Part Hour Interval Price
1 – Hydraulic Filter AET10701 Every 50 Loading
3 – Engine Oil Filter AM107423 Every 50/100/200 Loading
2 – Engine Oil Filter M806418 Every 50/100/200 Loading
1 – 2 1/2 gal Plus 50 15W40 Engine Oil (For Diesel) TY22061 Every 50/100/200 Loading
3 – Moly High Temp EP Grease (14 oz) TY6333 As Needed Loading
6 – 1 qt Plus 4 10W30 Engine Oil (For Gas) TY6364 Every 50/100/200 Loading

Commonly Used Parts for a John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower & Parts List

Outside of the schedule service intervals, you may need a part for a quick repair. While this is not an inclusive list of all the parts for a John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower & Parts List, these are the typical parts that we see purchased for your model.

Part Price
Screw 21M7194 Loading
Spring Pin 34H355 Loading
Pin AA21292 Loading
Bearing (Smooth Roll) AA35741 Loading
Switch AE48968 Loading
Muffler AET10094 Loading
Bearing AET10128 Loading
Cable AET10139 Loading
Cable AET10616 Loading
Support AET10803 Loading
Coupling AET11038 Loading
Bolt AET11072 Loading
Bracket AET11360 Loading
Seal AH98118 Loading
Kit AM101500 Loading
Kit - Seal (SCV) AM107078 Loading
Fuel Filter AM107314 Loading
Filter Element - Primary AM108242 Loading
Muffler AM878713 Loading
Seal Kit (Reel Motor) AMT1215 Loading
Roller - Spiral AMT1286 Loading
Scraper AMT1342 Loading
Knife AMT2703 Loading
Roller - STD AMT2875 Loading
Roller - Smooth - Standard AMT2876 Loading
Roller - Grooved AMT2877 Loading
Reel - 5 Blade AMT2883 Loading
Reel - 11 Blade AMT2885 Loading
Roll AMT2899 Loading
Reel - 9 Blade AMT2910 Loading
Roller - 3" Grooved ESP AMT2966 Loading
Roller - 3" Smooth - ESP AMT2967 Loading
Key - Ignition (2) AR51481 Loading
Switch w/ Keys AR58126 Loading
Relay - Starter AT75769 Loading
Bushing E41183 Loading
Bushing E4245E Loading
Bumper E43961 Loading
Spur Gear ET11039 Loading
Seal ET14566 Loading
Spring ET14592 Loading
Bushing ET14687 Loading
Knife ET14707 Loading
Belt - Axle Drive ET15011 Loading
Belt (Motor Pump Drive) ET15012 Loading
Seal ET15219 Loading
Roller Bearing ET15220 Loading
Pin ET15773 Loading
Bearing ET16026 Loading
Shaft ET16251 Loading
Tire ET16281 Loading
Brake Pad (2 Pads) ET16376 Loading
Nut ET16567 Loading
Washer ET16704 Loading
Adjuster ET16707 Loading
Adjuster ET16750 Loading
Stud ET16753 Loading
Support ET16848 Loading
Bolt ET16849 Loading
Bolt ET17025 Loading
Nut ET17053 Loading
Spacer ET17372 Loading
Bedknife - Fairway ET17532 Loading
Bedknife - STD ET17533 Loading
Bedknife - Tournament ET17534 Loading
Spacer ET17658 Loading
Shaft ET17677 Loading
Washer ET17713 Loading
Shaft ET17715 Loading
Bedknife ET17751 Loading
Bedknife - STD ET17767 Loading
Bearing Cone JD8187 Loading
Cone JD8188 Loading
Cup JD8225 Loading
Cup JD8226 Loading
Gasket M113686 Loading
Seal (Rear Axle) M19098 Loading
Filter Element (Foam) M76076 Loading
Fuel Filter M801101 Loading
Belt (Fan) M811281 Loading
Filter Element - Secondary M94734 Loading
Filter Element (Paper) MIU10778 Loading
Pin MT100 Loading
Pin MT1738 Loading
Bedknife MT1928 Loading
Bushing MT2059 Loading
Pin MT2060 Loading
Bracket (Frt Roller) MT2162 Loading
Belt MT3794 Loading
Bolt MT6338 Loading
Bushing MT671 Loading
Pin MT672 Loading
Spacer MT7280 Loading
Gasket RG60076 Loading
Battery TY25881 Loading
Battery TY6192 Loading
Spring (For 22" GTC & Power Brush) Y3082BN Loading

As Needed Parts for a John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower & Parts List

Regardless of your John Deere model, these John Deere parts are used frequently in maintaining and your John Deere 2243 Professional Greens Mower & Parts List and can be used around your garage.

Part Price

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